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Company purpose

People-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, return to society.

Business purpose

Service tenet

Credit first, users first, quality satisfaction, punctual delivery, willing to cooperate with you sincerely - hand in hand development.

Enthusiastic reception of new and old customers, accurate understanding of customer needs; strict quality process control to ensure the contract delivery cycle; timely quality tracking, rapid handling of quality objections.

Quality objective

To be superior to the domestic and international standards of plant control standards, to meet customer expectations and requirements for product physical quality.

Enterprise spirit

Famous in China and the world!

Enterprise target

Create China's Famous Brand and Out of the World's Top Quality

Marketing strategy

Unique variety, good quality, moderate price, timely delivery, flexible strategy, high quality service.

enterprise style

Economy pays attention to efficiency, management pays attention to system, principle and efficiency.

Enterprise morality

Honesty, trustworthiness, quality first, fair competition

Humanistic idea

Leading Thought, Industry Serving the Country, Creating Value, Serving the Society and Contributing to Human Beings

Service guarantee Genuine guarantee 7X15 Hours Customer Service
Payment method Company transfer Online payment WeChat payment
Logistics distribution Overseas distribution EMS Tail wind

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Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00
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Customer service hot:0755-82566617