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Talking about China's Electronic Components Industry

Issuing time:2019-04-24 00:00

Overall, China's electronic components industry has made great progress in recent years, especially in military electronic components, but the industry as a whole is still facing many challenges, no lack of money, the primary lack of technology accumulation, lack of talent, still needs a long time to catch up with the international advanced level. I am steady and bold about the future of our electronic components operation.

Electronic components include a wide range of product planning, from a large amount of various resistors, capacitors, inductors, to a variety of integrated circuits (CPU, FPGA, DRAM, Flash flash chip, etc.), then to various screens, various connectors, connectors, various optoelectronic components, photosensitive components, camera modules, a variety of electronics. Machines, microphones, various radio frequency components (RF power amplifiers, filters, frequency dividers, switching devices, antennas, cables, etc.), various sensors, various power devices, etc., and even some materials for the production of electronic products are calculated. Planning goes beyond the expectations of ordinary people. At that time, there were 230 million kinds of electronic components SKU being produced in the world. Assuming that the total number of electronic components produced by human beings in the early decades, it is estimated that SKU has more than 160 million kinds.

In terms of the investment from the production plant, the larger is the integrated circuit factory with advanced technology and various screen factories. The investment is based on tens of billions of yuan to more than 100 billion yuan, which is the price of building a factory! Of course, if we do not choose advanced technology, the investment will be much smaller. In practice, most integrated circuit products do not need to use advanced technology, which I will talk about in detail below.

Many types of electronic components do not require production equipment like integrated circuits, nor do they require such a large investment. These electronic components are precise processing of metals and some materials, but it is not simple to do well. For example, resistors and capacitors that are common, low-grade and high-top-usage in electronic products. Resistors and capacitors for general civil use have two main characteristics:

Forward, the demand is enormous, with dozens of PCBs for each PCB, and thousands more for each PCB.

Secondly, the price is extremely low. The patch resistance and capacitance are sold on discs wrapped in paper tape. They can be directly used in the inlet and outlet of SMT machines. Domestic products are generally 5000-10000 rolls in one roll, and the price is more than ten yuan to dozens of yuan. Yes, the average price per piece is less than one cents RMB.

TDK, Samsung and other brand manufacturers of resistance and capacitance, although their investment does not need as large as that of integrated circuit factories, China's SMEs can afford the same investment, but in terms of material mix, production process, TDK, Samsung and other brands have a long time of accumulation, is able to produce tens of billions of products to ensure quality. Consistency, the rate of defective products is very low. This is beyond the reach of domestic manufacturers. It is said that some domestic manufacturers go to dig resistor and capacitor engineers in Japan and Korea, and people don't pay much. So although this kind of product is very simple, up to now, domestic manufacturers still can not catch up with the products of European, American, Japanese, Korean and Taiwan enterprises in quality.

Since the beginning of this year, because of various reasons, the price of resistor and capacitor products at home and abroad has soared several times. Huaqiangbei has also made a fortune in a number of speculators. Our major electronics production enterprises are very headache, but there is no way.

Another example is RF filters and waveguides. In addition to several large factories, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, America and Japan. Such products are operated by the principles of radiation, transmission, reflection and induction of electromagnetic waves, which are based on the processing of metal materials. On a circuit board, there are several wires arranged in special other shapes, there are special other specifications, encapsulated in the shell, welded to the circuit board can play a filter effect. The production equipment of this kind of products is also simple and does not require a lot of investment, and our small and medium-sized enterprises can afford it. But why are wires arranged so that they can be filtered? Why can a slight change in shape lead to a sharp decline in utility? There are a lot of basic knowledge and curriculum vitae piled up here, that is known-how, European and American brand enterprises are piled up for decades of curriculum vitae, with their central technology, our country in this respect is too little piled up. Such enterprises in Europe, America and Japan often have a group of veteran engineers with many years of experience. They are both in their fifties and sixties. They have been doing this all their lives. They live quietly and concentrate on technology. It's hard for such a person to dig out by throwing money. Here I would like to ask the domestic electronics industry or IT industry, our country has such a social environment, can the general engineers aged 50 or 60 years feel at ease to do technology, enjoy a higher social status together? China's media is "30-year-old president worth billions of dollars, you no longer start a business late", "tens of millions of deposits before the transfer of financial idleness"... __________. Wait a minute. How many engineers can be comfortable with technology until they are fifty or sixty years old? Several companies are willing to support such old engineers.

In a word, there are too many kinds of electronic components. Even if the manufacturer's contribution is not large, there is little technology accumulation in our country, and there is almost no way to catch up in a short time. The key is that there are only a few talents in this field. In many cases, they can't be excavated by money.

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