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Teach you about electronic components and circuit diagrams

Issuing time:2019-04-24 00:00

Skillful identification and grasp of electronic components. Electronic circuit schematic diagram is generally composed of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, triodes, thyristors and other electronic components. In order to quickly understand the electronic circuit diagram, first of all, we must be familiar with the effect of a single electronic component, application conditions, action scale and so on.

For example: diode single guide, filter effect of inductance and capacitance, storage charge function, expansion function of triode, voltage regulation of thyristor, on-off switch, controllable rectification function, etc. Grasping the principle and application of basic components is the foundation of skillful understanding of electronic circuit diagram.

View of electronic circuit: first system then part, first part then components. Many modular circuits in electronic circuits are almost fixed, so it is very important to master the fixed modules composed of common electronic components skillfully. For example: rectifier circuit, filter circuit, voltage stabilization circuit, LC vibration circuit, signal expansion circuit, switching power supply circuit and so on. Electronic circuit can be divided into parts. One part belongs to rectifier circuit, the other to filter circuit and the other to enlargement circuit. It is a good way to divide the electronic circuit of the system into parts.

Keep piling up experience and learning. Any branch of electrician, want to learn to know must continue to learn, especially electronic circuit, as long as constantly looking at pictures, analysis, consideration, understanding, ability to let oneself see pictures more and more skilled, "which makes perfect" the same principle applies to electrician and electronic learning.

Trouble investigation and remedy:

1. The faults of electronic circuits are generally judged by dividing the whole circuit into parts and measuring output terminals, such as rectifier block faults, enlarged circuit faults and so on.

2. The main points are to sort out the common faults of components. Fault-prone components: current limiting resistor, filter capacitor, triode, thyristor, regulator and so on. To some extent, checking and measuring high-frequency faulty components can be used to deal with the faults of electronic circuits quickly and effectively.

If you want to quickly understand the schematic diagram of electronic circuits, you need to calm down to learn, constantly fully develop your professional skills, and learn more and ask for more advice to quickly grasp the ability.

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